?redit insurance

No more unnecessary payment risk

High credit limits and long credit terms have caused many problems in the horticulture industry. Many companies compete on credit terms instead of product quality, price or service. Almost every flower farm, export company, wholesaler or transport company has to deal with uncollectible invoices every year. Credit insurance companies help you to trade with confidence, knowing that your business is protected against credit risk. And so do we.

ByRival includes a credit insurance on your transactions. This way your invoices are insured for a specific amount. Unfortunately not every client can be insured. ByRival has a specialized team that takes care of credit research and providing credit limits, day by day. You will have a complete overview of your insured clients and the insured amounts, so you always know if you trade with or without risk. The insurance policy is fully reinsured with Atradius Credit Insurance.

Protect your business against non-payment

Credit insurance protects your company from losses that may be caused by the failure of your clients to pay. ByRival includes a credit insurance on your transactions and you are protected against credit risks. The credit insurance is applied to your client(s) as soon as ByRival finished the credit checks and has given approval.