Why ByRival?

Every company wants their invoices to be paid as soon as possible and without any problems, which is a serious challenge in the horticulture industry. Companies take huge risks to supply clients flowers or plants on credit and almost every company has to deal with uncollectible invoices every year. The people behind ByRival are completely aware of these payment difficulties and credit risks and that’s why they came up with the idea to build a unique concept to collect international payments including credit insurance.

The people behind ByRival

ByRival is founded by Mark Weitjens (director of AgroCheck) and a software company in 2020 and officially launched in 2021. Their knowledge of software development, payments, credit insurance and credit information made it possible to build this unique payment solution.

Besides their knowledge, the founders have an extended worldwide network in the horticulture industry. The founders noticed that the international trade of horticultural products could be a lot more professional when it comes to payments and credit insurance. After more than 1,5 years of development, system testing and discussing with industry and payment specialists, ByRival is officially available!

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The Future

It is our ambition to become a global leader in international payment solutions for the horticulture industry. ByRival started with a payment solution for the European market, but we are already working on a multi-currency solution for other European countries and a payment solution for USA, Latin America and the Middle East. We are convinced that we have the right knowledge, network and partners to achieve this!

Customer is partner

Together with our customers, we are building new payment solutions.


We have in-house experience and knowledge to provide what we promise.


We have the right partners that support our ambition.


We have an extended network in the horticulture industry.


We do all we can to provide the best customer experience.


We are building global payment solutions in the horticulture industry.