Automatic payments

Collect payments quickly and easily

Through ByRival you can easily collect payments from your clients in 17 countries. Whether you’re using an automated software program or send invoices manually by email, the invoice amount can be collected through ByRival. To collect the payments, ByRival uses, a fully integrated and licensed global Payment Service Provider.

Our system makes it very easy to receive payments through European B2B Direct Debit (SEPA B2B) and Credit card. Your personal ByRival dashboard shows a clear overview of all transactions. Make payments easy for your clients and yourself and simply optimize your payment process.

Payment process for Suppliers

You sell your products to a number of buyers worldwide. You want to collect your payments easily and on the exact date as agreed with your buyer. This can simply be done by using ByRival. ByRival will collect the payments on your behalf from your buyer and send you the outpayment within 7 days after successful collection.

Payment process for Buyers

You buy products from your suppliers and you want to give them authorization to collect the payments for the invoices through ByRival, to make the financial settlement easier for both of you. You will always have a clear overview of the (to be) collected amounts and it doesn’t cost you anything.

  • Suppliers
  • Buyers
Advantages of ByRival SuppliersBuyers
Advantages of ByRival
Collect in 17 countries
Easily collect payments from your clients in 17 European countries.
Low costs
ByRival offers competitive prices.
Collect quickly
Receive your payments fast and according the agreed payment date, against low costs. You are not dependent on when your client pays.
Insured transactions
ByRival includes a credit insurance on your transactions. You will always have a complete overview of your insured clients and the insured amounts. Of course not every client can be insured.
Free of cost
Your supplier pays the transaction fees, so ByRival will be free of cost for buyers.
Automatic payments
Buyers don't have to send payments themselves anymore as it will be automatically collected from their bank account. Suppliers don't have to go after their money anymore.
Unrivaled data and insight
Transparent view of your payments data. Always have a complete overview of the amounts coming in and going out.
Payments are collected by Payment Service Provider A well-known public company that complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.
Expand to new markets
Knowing that your invoices are insured (if a credit limit is issued to the buyer) and the fact that you will quickly receive your payment, could be a reason to explore new markets and find new clients.
Connect with new suppliers
With a buyer account at ByRival, you can easily do business with suppliers that use ByRival.

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